Sculpture designed by Eastleigh Borough Council Public Arts Officer unveiled in Chichester

Crane Street sculpture

In her day job Joanne Calcutt commissions artists to produce works of art for the public in the Borough of Eastleigh. Now in a role reversal Joanne has seen one of her own stunning public arts design unveiled in Chichester.

The Eastleigh Borough Council Public Arts Officer beat off stiff competition to be selected by Chichester Business Improvement District (BID) to improve one of its city centre shopping areas with the use of public art.

Responding to the brief, Joanne designed two large scale birds in different modes of flight intended to attract pedestrians and boost visitor numbers to Crane Street in Chichester.

Now two years on since winning the commission, the sculptures are finally complete.

Speaking about the project, Joanne said:

I’m thrilled to finally see the ideas I presented on paper now turned into these beautiful works of public art. It’s very exciting to think that my work is now out there for the people of Chichester, and visitors to the city, to enjoy and hopefully inspire them as well as helping to boost trade in the area.”

Crane Street is a small pedestrianised area, off one of the four main streets in Chichester’s central shopping area. Tucked away, it can so easily be overlooked which was one of the challenges for Joanne.

“After visiting Crane Street and meeting the owners of the businesses there it was clear that the design should draw more visitors into the street and profit the independent business stores,” explained Joanne, who before joining EBC used to run her own design company specialising in bespoke metalwork.

“With this in mind I realised that in Roman mythology the crane is the sacred bird of Mercury, the god of trade, profit and commerce. It seemed the perfect synergy.”

In collaboration with Birkenhead-based Cammdesign, one of the UK’s leading design companies specialising in large scaled public art, Joanne created two sculptures of the crane’s flight formation. These are now placed at either end of Crane Street, designed to lead the visitors into the shopping area.

Since completing the Chichester BID commission, Joanne has been commissioned by Eastleigh Borough Council to produce a number of public art designs around the Borough, including the recent Bowled Over sculpture situated at The Ageas Bowl, West End.

“It’s a very exciting time, lots to keep the ideas flowing. I am currently preparing the Council’s Public Art Programme 2015-2019, which means we will shortly be looking for lots of talented artist’s to create inspiring artworks back here in the Borough of Eastleigh.”


For more information on this story please contact Eastleigh Borough Council Culture Press and PR Intern Chandler Divers on

Check out this story on Creative Eastleigh.



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