Flashback to Brighton

Last summer was a good one for me, especially as I had a couple of trips away lined up at the beginning and end of it. One of those was a 3 day trip to Brighton with my Work BFF Charlotte!

brighton.jpg I suspect Charlotte wanted to go because of the blogger links but I can see why… It’s a beautiful place! The beach isn’t the best I’ve ever been to (sorry but I’m more of a sandy beach person) but Brighton Pier is so fun. I found out that piers can scare me though as I was so terrified that I’d drop my phone through the wooden planks!

We shopped till we dropped in the town but one of the main attracting for us were The Lanes. If you ever go to Brighton then The Lanes are a must visit – if only for the cupcake store!


Let’s just say that our hotel was a little on the electric side… We booked it through the Secret Escapes site where you’re not supposed to know where you’ll be staying when you book your hotel.You can know the basic details but the name of the hotel is revealed after you book. However, Charlotte and I managed to work out which one we would be staying in before we booked (cheaters) but it still surprised us when we arrived. Not at all in a bad way though as it is the most instagrammable hotel I’ve ever stayed in!

Just look at the decor below… I’m still in awe.




Needless to say, I’d definitely go back… I always crave those cupcakes whenever I look at that picture!



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