Jolly Summer Days

So on this absolute miserable excuse for a day (we’re in the middle of rain and strong winds… But also surprisingly warm temperatures.) in England, I thought I’d throw a flashback to the good days of summer last year.

We had a beach hut at Bournemouth beach hired out for a week in August, and my dad, step-mum and the twinnies spent most of the week down there. I popped down during the weekend with my grandparents to hang out for the day, on possibly the coldest August day we could’ve chosen! Luckily the sun shined for the whole day and ice creams were brought at various points… But only J & L were brave enough to go in the water!



Bournemouth will forever remind me of the time Meghan organised a day there (secretly) with a group of our friends for my 18th birthday, which was in 2013! How on earth has time gone that quickly? Here’s another flashback photo from that day too:


^^ iPhone 4S photo there. What a good ‘un 😉


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