Flashback to St Malo, France

Have you ever been to St Malo? Trust me, you need to go.

This trip came about when my oldest friend Chloe (who I’ve known since we were 4 years old… Wow!) and I were dreaming up holiday plans in the middle of winter a couple of years ago. We threw a few ideas around before realising that a cheap option would be to visit France, and so a plan was born!

We looked up ferry prices and found a great deal where the ferry just so happened to dock in the town of St Malo. It didn’t take very long to book that and find a campsite just a few minutes away from the town.


Yes, you heard me: campsite. We didn’t have a lot of  money to spend so we figured that camping would be fun and also cheap! What we didn’t consider was how much gear we would want and need… This realisation came during the middle of packing!

Fun story: during our packing session, about a week before we were due to go, Chloe jokingly told me to make sure my passport was in date. Of course I checked it… and it wasn’t. Cue internal screams and external panic! Luckily we got hold of the passport office in London and made an emergency appointment (which I didn’t even know we could get!) for the next day and I had to take a day off work for it. Of course we certainly didn’t plan to go to London that day but we made it a great touristy trip and even met Made in Chelsea’s Spencer Matthew at the passport office. To do this day, he is still the only relatively famous person I have every met!

ferry lifeAnyway, so St Malo… Such a pretty little place! We boarded our ferry with giant suitcases packed full to the brim of camping gear (which wasn’t our best look) and discovered that we were actually sharing a ferry with hundreds of festival goers. Most of who decided that midnight games of hide and seek was the Greatest. Idea. Ever. Newsflash: it wasn’t. But whatever.

We were incredibly lucky to have such good weather – I think we only had one morning of light rain. A bonus when we were camping the entire time! St Malo is a typical French seaside town, even complete with a baker who packed his truck full of fresh baguettes every morning and drove round our campsite selling to whoever is up early enough to catch him. They were amazing, as is all bread baked in France!

st malo ice cream.jpg

St malo beachThe actual town of St Malo is a walled city, thanks to it’s links with World War 2. It happened to be a 5 minute drive away from our campsite but not necessarily within walking distance… After half an hour of getting lost in the long winding streets, we caught the bus instead. Also a taxi on the way home… Taxi drivers are so friendly in France! Especially when dealing with a couple of sunburnt English girls with gigantic suitcases; top service guys! The people of France also just so happen to speak English extremely well, thankfully as our French was terrible. Je ne sais pas!

french streetSo, St Malo is a mix of tourist shops, well known brands and various types of café and restaurants. You can actually walk along the walls if you so desire! Chloe and I often went on daily walkabouts (aka. Getting lost and claiming it as an adventure) and discovered so many adorable French sidestreets. That’s probably my top tip if you go to any European country actually: pretty side streets make your heart happy!

I’m going on a spiel here but can you tell that I really liked our France trip and the chance to frolic around like a Parisian for a week (albeit with an awful French accent)?


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