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I was stalking my friend Charlotte and came across this tag that she did a while ago. It didn’t take me very long to decide to copy her and answer with my own experiences!

I’ve been very fortunate to have gone on lots of holidays with my family as I’ve grown up, so travelling brings back happy memories for me. In all honesty, having divorced parents can sometimes mean that you get double the holidays each year, if you’re lucky!


Where have you traveled to and where would you love to visit again?

(In no particular order): New Zealand, France, Spain, Lanzarote, Majorca, Ibiza, Cyprus, Austria, Belgium, Portugal, Florida, Gran Canaria, Abu Dhabi, Malta and I guess I’ve very briefly been in Hong Kong (during a stopover flight to New Zealand).

But if we’re being that picky then I’ve passed through Switzerland on a coach journey to Austria… That counts too right?

I’d like to visit NZ again and go travelling around the north and south islands!

Where was your first plane to?

Apparently somewhere in Spain… Not that I remember it but my parents have fond stories of me eating sand, drinking sea water, picking up random beach items and probably trying to eat sea shells too. I might have been a very curious toddler…

You’re leaving tomorrow and money is no object… Where are you going?

Thailand. I’ve always wanted to properly experience a completely different culture to mine, so Thailand complete with a trip to Bali (for the beach) would be ideal!

Preferred method of travel: planes, train or car?

I’m good with any of them – I’m not really one to get travel sick but I get bored easily on planes, so I suppose trains would be my preferred option.

Top three travel items?

Cosy socks, phone with headphones and a decent book

Favourite travel website?

I always end up looking on Lonely Planet when I have a sneaky peek at possible holiday locations. I’m also a HUGE fan of World of Wanderlust and could read her posts all day, every day!

Where would you travel to just to eat the food?

Everyone raves about Italy and I love Italian food… I’d love to go there one day. But when I was on holiday in Gran Canaria we found a Chinese buffet who did the BEST crispy duck.

Is there a place you would never go again?

I would never turn down the chance to visit somewhere again but if I had to choose, I think I would pick Austria. Although it’s a beautiful country, I’ve visited 3 times for the skiing and I would prefer to try somewhere else next time (hopefully, one day!) I go on a skiing holiday.

Can you recite your passport number from memory if asked?  

No, but I should probably learn that!

Do you prefer middle, aisle or window seat?
The aisle. I like the window seat for the view but I hate having to ask people to move when I need to go to the toilet. But the window seat does have somewhere to lean your head when you’re sleepy, so the aisle does have it’s downsides!

How do you pass the time on a plane?

I tend to read, listen to music, watch TV (if there is one), listen to other people’s conversation and make awkward eye contact with other aisle seaters. And I walk up and down the plane if my legs get tired. I try to nap but I haven’t mastered how to sleep on a plane yet.

Where are you going to go next?


My boyfriend and I are going to Malta in June, which I’m very excited about! And hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to see more of the world soon!

Do you have a favourite travel memory?

One of my favourite’s is mentioned in this post here, which you should definitely check out because St Malo is the bee’s knees.

But my other favourite travel memory is a story that often gets told to new friends or relatives by my dad. It’s his best story apparently!

When I was younger I was very fussy with my food and I basically stuck to a diet of macoroni cheese, strawberry yoghurt, bananas and chocolate buttons. But I was also very particular over the brands of food I’d eat… I was a big fan of the Petis Filous brand yoghurts and would only eat this particular one.

When I was 4 years old, we visited New Zealand for my uncles wedding. The in-flight food just so happened to have strawberry yoghurts but my dad knew that I’d freak if I saw that it had the wrong label from what I normally eat. His solution was to cover up the label as he was giving it to me, thinking that I wouldn’t notice… Of course, I knew straight away, spat it out and refused to eat the rest.

But to end on a cute note, here’s a photo of my Dad and I in New Zealand. I’m not sure I appreciate the jumpsuit he chose to dress me in that day…

I have loads more but those are stories for another day. Have I mentioned the one where Meghan and I fell off the T-bar lift in Austria and plowed into a whole line of skiers down the hill… No? I’ll explain one day. You can have this skiing photo though.

skiiing.jpg 2

That’s also the closest I’ll ever get to being Elsa…


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