A long weekend in Cornwall (Part 1)

For our anniversary, Steve and I decided to take a trip down to Cornwall and spend a few days there as a celebration. We stayed in the beautiful Atlantic Hotel in Newquay and luckily we had such gorgeous weather for a March weekend! I spent most of the weekend taking photo’s, much to Steve’s joy. He hates having his photo taken but I think this weekend I managed to get quite a few nice ones!


Our first day was spent travelling, exploring the hotel and snacking on the Krispy Kreme doughnuts I brought from the service station. The hotel was just absolutely gorgeous inside, although the outside could definitely do with a bit of sprucing up.


We spent Sunday strolling around Newquay for a little bit before picking up my cousin (who lives in Cornwall in a really cutesy, sleepy, Cornish town), her boyfriend and their dog to head down to Watergate Bay. If I was to get married on a beach, I’d choose this one just for those stunning views and I’d take my guests to The Beach Hut for their insane hot chocolate. Trust me, I couldn’t get enough of it!


My cousin’s dog, Lottie, runs a little bit like a hare when she’s on the beach. She hops like she’s a little kangaroo on steroids which is hilarious to watch!


This photo below is one that Steve took of the Watergate Bay hotel (with the big glass wall) and The Beach Hut. And that below is my hot chocolate… Just look at that thing!! I’m actually craving it now.


Our first two days were perfect, but read Part 2 for the rest of it!



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