A long weekend in Cornwall (Part 2)

(Catch up with Part 1 first, if you like)

One of my favourite places in Cornwall is St Ives, and it just so happens to be a place that Steve particularly likes too.Which is why we spent our third day in this sleepy little seaside town.

If you’ve never visited St Ives before, it needs to be on your list of places to go in Cornwall. It’s a gorgeous town full of art galleries, independent stores, tea rooms and beaches; with some chain stores sprinkled in for good measure.  Although be warned: parking is a little bit of a pain and there are very steep hills. And I know we were lucky with the good weather, but it is insanely colourful down there! See below for more.


I think I need to start a photo series called “Behind the Steve” because I have so many photos of him just walking through streets, woods or beaches. Also we took quite a few selfies this weekend too, so there’s another series there!


I didn’t photograph what we had for lunch but I really should’ve done for this… My cousin and Auntie told us to visit Hubbox, which is a burger restaurant that reminds me of The Stable. If you have either one of those in your town then you should definitely check them out! The burgers we had were amazing and I wish, wish, wish we had one locally.


I truly wish I bought one of those Hogwart’s boxes! I might have to look online and try and find similar ones.

When we got back to Newquay in the evening I really wanted to snap some photos of the sunset, so we strolled down to Little Fistral beach with our bag of fudge from St Ives (which included an AMAZING Angel’s Delight one. Can you tell that I ate extremely well during this weekend?) and watched the sunset from the caves.


I rarely let people take photos of me, but I’m actually ok with this one. Thanks Steve, you tiny little photographer, you!


You can probably tell that I took way too many photos during this trip and on our last day, we went to one of my favourite ever beaches… Look out for it in Part 3!


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