A long weekend in Cornwall (Part 3)

This is the last one of my Cornwall series posts. If you missed them, catch up with Part 1 and Part 2. I’m quite sad to be nearly finished with these, as I took so many photos from this weekend. Can we turn back time so I can go back now please?

Oh, this is my LUSH bath bomb that I took to the hotel because I was so excited to use it in a luxurious bath like that one in the background there. Also, Charlotte tipped me off that it leaves glitter everywhere so I was quite glad that I didn’t use in my own bath, sorry hotel cleaners!


Our final day in Cornwall was spent down in Perranporth, where we headed straight after checking out in the morning. I’ve spent many summers, Easters and even a couple of winters down in Cornwall with family and we nearly always go to Perranporth beach whilst we’re there. It’s a gorgeous place, complete with a pub hidden amongst the sand dunes!


You might notice this huge rock, known as Chapel Rock, set in the middle of the beach and inside it is this naturally formed swimming pool, which gets filled with water every time the tide crashes over it. It’s always really fascinated me, and I was weirdly excited to show it to Steve. He thought it was cool too so that worked out in my favour!


And there’s The Watering Hole there, the pub on the sand dunes. You can kind of see it in that photo of Steve walking towards it above there… It’s pretty cool and like most pubs in Cornwall, it’s dog friendly too! The little town of Perranporth is pretty cute for gifts and ice creams, although it’s a lot busier in the summer high seasons.

This is the end of my little photo selection of Cornwall. Don’t be fooled by the bright blue skies and sunshine though; Cornwall is just as magical in the winter as it is in spring 😉


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