15 Things I’d Tell My 15 Year Old Self:

My youngest sibling is my 5 year old sister. She’s a wild little thing, complete with messy hair and the most stubborn of personalities. She knows her own mind, she is very skilled at testing people’s patience and she would want anything and everything that catches her attention; even if she has no idea what she’ll do with it.

She’s also a bright ray of sunshine, even when you think all your days are cloudy. She dances like she doesn’t have a care in the world who is watching and sings even when she knows half the words are wrong. I forever wish she will stay like this, and maybe these are the things that I will remind of her of when she turns 15.

I think 15 is an interesting age. It’s an age when you’re on the cusp of growing up but you can still hold onto your childhood self. You start to develop your own opinions about hard topics and learn to find your feet in this wild world. Are there things that I would go back and tell my 15 year old self about? Sure, here’s what I’d like to say:

  1. Friends are like wildflowers. The one’s with the prettiest personalities stand out to you more, and so you’ll treasure them more deeply. Always remember to treasure your wildflower friends.
  2. Similarly, friends who say ugly things can have the ugliest personalities. Don’t waste your time worrying about what people say, because they have no effect on who you are.
  3. Keep hold of your keepsakes, even if they seem pointless at the time. Trust me, you’ll enjoy the memories one day.
  4. Take the time to volunteer – it’ll open your eyes and boost your confidence more than you’d think.
  5. Don’t be too judgemental of alternative life choices. You might end up making one of those choices one day!
  6. A bad day is literally just that: a bad day. Tomorrow is always a new beginning!
  7. Stop comparing yourself to others. Or at least stop putting yourself down in negative ways. Build yourself up and stand strong and proud of who you are.
  8. Embrace changes in yourself, your opinions and other people too. Sometimes people aren’t who you think they are, but that’s ok. Sometimes it’s just figuring out if that changed person is still one that you can get on with.
  9. Cherish the moments with your brother. One day he’ll grow up all too soon and won’t want to hang out with you as much. Laugh often with him and watch him grow into his own person – and lock food away so that he doesn’t steal them.
  10. Always laugh with your youngest siblings. And embrace that baby stage that 15 year old you will soon be facing when they come along… It’ll prepare you for your own future children!
  11. Believe in yourself. And come back fighting when you think you can’t do something… You might just prove yourself wrong.
  12. Life can bring some dark times… But it’s easy to find the light in those little cracks of dark times, sometimes you just have to search for them.
  13. Make so many beautiful and magical memories with everyone around you. You’ll never know when you’re going to need them.
  14. Take photos. Always take photos – it’s like stopping time and slipping it in your pocket to keep forever. Capture the memories.
  15. Love slowly, so that one day you’ll wake up next to him on a lazy Sunday morning and realise you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Love absentmindedly, like when songs come on the radio that make you think of him. But most of all: love wholeheartedly.

16 year old C and L– A 15 year old Chandler and the youngest sibling. 


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