Life Is A Beautiful Adventure

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When I was younger I used to find myself getting lost in other people’s adventures. Through books mainly, although if a TV show took my fancy then I’d find a way of losing myself though that too. My favourite stories when I was growing up were Peter Pan, Black Beauty, The Little Mermaid and, quite possibly all of, the Harry Potter series. I was also a big fan of Jacqueline Wilson and Roald Dalph, but I think it was the classic Disney films that really captured my imagination…

I think it’s always been ingrained from when we were children that life is an adventure. When you think about it, the most thrilling of stories are the ones when the main character journeys through some hardships but tumbles out the other side without a scratch on them. Sure, the journeys that storybook and film characters go through are largely fictional, but I’ve come to realise that actually: life’s “normal” adventures can be the more beautiful ones of them all.

At the moment my boyfriend and I are struggling to make some decisions. We have the (lucky) opportunity to move in together, with the option of choosing 1 out of 2 places to live (both with their advantages and disadvantages). Our main goal is to save money, but on top of deciding where to live for now is also deciding what we’re saving money for: a mortgage or to go travelling.

Up until recently, I’ve been fighting with the idea of making the “wrong decision” or regretting the choice we’ll make; because you see, one of my biggest goals in life is to go through it whilst having as little regrets as possible. But once I sat down and started writing these words, I’ve come to remember a simple thing that I’ve forgotten: life is an adventure. I’ve realised that regardless of which path we’ll end up taking, at the end of the day it’s going to be exciting, fresh and the start of a new journey for us! Which isn’t something to be afraid of; it’s something to get excited about.

I think we’re very lucky that we are in the position to choose which way our lives are headed. In this day and age, it’s unfortunate that there are still some children and adults out there who don’t have the opportunity to direct their lives in the same way we do; a fact that I desperately hope will change one day. Until then, I need to stop seeing these choices that I make as having negatives. I need to stop thinking that “Well, if I choose this then I won’t be able to do this” because this isn’t how life should work… Life is about taking chances and learning from them when we make mistakes. Life is about journeying through hardships and tumbling out the other side, regardless of what scratches you may have.

In short: life is a beautiful adventure. And I guess now I’m ready to start thinking of it more like that.


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