Fleeing The Nest(s)

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Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

By the time I turned 10 years old, I had lived in just over 13 different houses.

I think this is fairly unusual, even for a child of divorced parents, but nonetheless this was my life for quite a while. Both of my parents had their fair share of moving around a little, trying to find a place that fits. In the end though, my dad and his partner settled in a house that we moved into when I was 9, and we still reside there 11 years later.

My mum took a little longer to settle into a longer term place, and she holds the record for moving around the most when I was growing up. I must’ve just turned 10 when we found a house that we stayed in for 5 years. Then we decided to move to be a little bit closer to my secondary school, and have since been there for nearly 7 years now.

I think you can imagine that I’m fairly used to the hustle and bustle of leaving a house to go to a new one, and going back and forth to my parents (who I saw in equal amounts every week) means that I’m really well practiced in living out of my bag. But that will all completely change when Steve and I move out together.

If I’m going to be truly honest… I’ll be a bit sad. I think I lived a unique situation where I see both my parents every day (at some point) but I don’t see them enough individually for us to get fed up with each other. I think it’s because of that that I’ve never felt a need or want to move out very soon!

But circumstances will change and one day we’ll want to start in our own place together. I know I’ll be really, really excited to do it, but also just a bit blue that I wouldn’t be seeing my parents and siblings on a day to day basis.

I just think that there is something special in the way that I’ve been able to dance around our bedrooms in the morning with my 5 year old siblings and pigging out on the sofa with my 13 year old brother in the evening. I’d miss my morning gossips with my mum and the catch up around the dinner table at my dad’s. And I’d miss snuggles with my dog, laughing with the twins, watching box sets after box sets with my brother and arguing about whose turn it is to do the washing up. It’s the little moments that make life special, you know?

It’s said that parents are the ones that have a hard time when their eldest “flees the nest”, but sometimes the eldest can be sad to do so too. I will ready to start this new adventure of mine and to create so many new happy memories and stories, but I’m just going to hang on to my current stories just for a little while longer.

Although all that packing practice from all those years ago is sure to come in handy!


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