Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs

At work today we received an email from our boss telling us about this young entrepreneur that she found who had set up a Pop-up shop in the high street to sell his art, and could we possibly go and take photos and film an interview with him?

I admit that I didn’t know what to expect. From the outside, the shop looks bare and there’s only a small sign to tell you to go inside and explore… Bradley is an artist who lives in Chichester but he travels the journey to Eastleigh to rent a shop and sell his original pieces. And at 18 years old and only been in the shop just over two weeks, he has already sold enough to cover the rent of the place!


What I like about Bradley is that he had no idea that we wanted to do an interview with him but he completely took it in his stride. Not many people can nail an video interview in one take! And the thing that I love most about this job is that we get the opportunity to meet people like Bradley, who are incredibly passionate about their work and sometimes they take a leap of faith to share it with the public.

Let’s be honest, as gorgeous as his work is, this could’ve been the wrong move for Bradley… He had no idea whether he’d sell any paintings at all. But he had the courage and enthusiasm to give it a go, which is something we all need more in life!


Thanks Bradley for letting us come in uninvited to take photos and to film you. You were a good sport! And thanks for reminding me to take pride in your work and to take more risks, because sometimes it risks can turn out to be a good thing.

Follow Bradley on Instagram. And my fellow intern, Harry, is editing a video of the interview which I will post a link to soon


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