The One When I Fell Apart Over Furniture


One thing that I like reading in other blogs are the Dear Diary posts because they’re the type of ones when you really get to know a person and it feels like you’re having a heart to heart at bar after a couple of jägerbombs. I like the idea of being more honest about things that go on in my real life, so I’m going to do just that.

I’ll also ramble on a bit here, sorry about that!

With the whole moving in together thing: Steve and I are settling into 20B (which is a joke nickname by the way) and we’re nearly there with the unpacking. But here’s the thing about coming together with furniture that we already own: instead of buying new ones together, is that we have mismatching furniture.

(This is where my little strop comes in.)

I can’t get our room to look how I want it! I’ve imagined different looks a thousand times but it’s just not working and so I get stressed, but when I get stressed out I tend to have a little cry about it thanks to my Drama Queen tendency’s.

The honest truth is that it all looks perfectly okay together. Sure, it doesn’t match (at all) but does it really matter? Is it worth getting stressed about? Probably not, which is the realisation I eventually had,

After I got over my little strop, we kicked some ideas about over the layout of the rooms and we’re going to try moving stuff around soon. And I’m thinking of maybe painting a couple of bits… Because in reality, that’s the beauty of it: it’s so fixable and do-up-able (is that even a word?) so there’s no more reason to get worked up over it!

The next morning I had a rant to my friend Lief, feeling all sheepish because it’s a bit of a silly thing to get upset about.

But I guess I just need to remember one thing: it’s a marathon, not a race. Also, maybe Gumtree is the answer!


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