Discovering Malta (Part 2)

(Read Part 1 here)

One of my favourite day’s in Malta was when we visited Gozo and Comino, two of the Maltese Islands just north of Malta. It was a 45 minute boat journey for us, a tourist package which we booked with a guy we named “Malta Steve”. Purely because he was called Steve. Original, I know.


You could sit in the rows of chairs along the top deck of the boat but the one’s that were in the sunshine were snapped up pretty quickly. We decided to walk downstairs and along to the front of the boat instead, and had great fun being splashed by water when it crashed down onto the waves!

So, Gozo is my favourite story of the holiday mostly because of our tour guide package. We hopped off the boat at Gozo and were ushered into a 90’s looking coach with a 60 year old tour guide who, by his own admission, only spoke “about 20% English”. His tour guide style was like everything was an afterthought, as he mostly pointed out landmarks a bit too late after we passed them. He was also very specific on timings (Literal quote: “Here is very pretty church. Very, very pretty church! You have 7 minutes here!”) and spent most of his time herding us all up like sheep when he felt we had enough of the place.


We named him “Malta John” after my Gramps, who I’m sure would have exactly the same tour guide style if he were one. It was great fun and definitely a story we like to laugh about. I like Malta John, he’s a bud!

Our main stops in Gozo were Victoria (a small town with a handful of shops, which surprisingly includes a Pandora!); Azure Window which was definitely worth a look; and one of Gozo’s churches: Ta Pinu which was indeed very pretty. If you don’t know, Malta is a Catholic country and so you should dress respectfully when visiting their churches. Luckily Ta Pinu offers shawls and long skirts to those who may have taken advantage of the weather and dressed in too-short shorts and sleeveless tops.


After being herded up by Malta John for a final time, we head back to the docks and jumped onto a ferry to Comino, where the famous Blue Lagoon hides away. I need to give massive thumbs up to the Blue Lagoon, mostly for making my Instagram feed look AMAZING. It was so beautiful! It’s a popular place for tourists – think of an ant hill with it’s many residents crawling around it and surrounded by water. From a distance, that describes Comino. But the water was just so gorgeous, so you can forgive the hundreds of visitors flocking to also visit it.

There’s a small stretch of sand full of deck chairs which you could hire out, but they were completely full by the time we go there. Instead, we picked out a space on a rock near the water and left our stuff there before jumping in. If you’re uneasy of leaving your stuff lying around then you can hire out a locker but as we were swimming really close by our stuff, we decided to risk it. Besides, if anyone decided to make off with our bag then all they would’ve gained was some suncream!


After a couple of days exploring, we spent another day by the sea in Qawra and made one last trip out to Golden Bay, which is where we spent our last day. Golden Bay was probably the closest sandy beach to us, only a 15 minute bus journey from  Qawra! Steve reckon it reminds him of Australian beaches, so although it was busy it’s great if you fancy a sandy beach instead of a rocky one. The water is equally as clear as it was in Qawra, but that didn’t stop me from getting stung by a jellyfish…

Highly wouldn’t recommend getting stung.

Needless to say, I didn’t go back  in the water after that 😉


W.C.  Fields is my man! ^^



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    1. Thank you for the lovely comment – Have a fantastic time in Malta, I hope the weather is beautiful for you! 🙂

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