Robin Hill Country Park, Isle of Wight

For our year’s anniversary back in March, Steve handed 6 envelopes to me. 1 for each month for the next 6 months. These envelopes were “Mysterious Dates” and contained the day of the date and some clues as to what we would be doing, which is probably one of the cutest gifts I’ve ever been given! I get a bit soppy talking about it and how much I love the dates so I’m gonna stop gushing about them now before I carry on too far.

For the month of July, the mysterious date happened to be a weekend one. So for me, on Saturday morning at 7:00am, I eventually realised that we were heading to the Isle of Wight for the weekend! (How did I figure this out? The ferry might’ve tipped me off!)

On the way there, Steve gave me a list of “Thing’s To Do” that I could choose from, ranging from the zoo to walking the needlepoints. I was really keen to go to the country park, so that was our first stop off the ferry.

Except we got there and realised that it was 8 o clock and nothing was actually open.

Flash forward a couple of hours, a drive around the island and a nap (for me) we finally got into Robin Hill Country Park. Which is HUGE. 88 acres to be exact. If I were going to go back with a family, this is where I would take them as there’s something for everyone. Woodland paths, toboggans, falconry and plenty of adventure play parks. As you might be able to tell…


(These guys honestly were like a mafia. They just death stared you down every time you walk past them!)


Look how blue this sky is! We also took a short trip into Shanklin to visit Shanklin Chine. We made a feathery friend called Ickle… Who said “hello”. Although he said it after about 15 minutes of us trying to coax him to say it!




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