A 21st Birthday Celebration

It’s a funny thing turning 21 years old because it’s still regarded as a big celebration here in England, but nothing really happens when you turn 21. It makes sense when Β an 18th is widely celebrated here but when you turn 21 the only difference is that you can now drink in America. (and adopt a child, apparently.) But nonetheless, I liked turning 21. In fact, I might make every birthday from now on a 21st birthday!

As my birthday was on a Tuesday this year, I decided to celebrate with my friends a little earlier on Saturday. Quite a few of us went for a lovely meal at The King Charles Pub, Kingsworthy before a smaller number of us set off on a pub crawl afterwards.

Well, I say a pub crawl. There were actually a lot of pubs that we could’ve stopped at in Winchester but we spend a majority of our time in Wetherspoons (cheap cocktails, hello!). After about 3 and a half pitchers we headed off to get dinner and took a few tipsy, giggly photo’s in the Cathedral Grounds.

This photo above of me and Steve is quite possibly my favourite photo ever! Props to Megs for taking it for us!

My actual birthday was spent with my bestie and some family members for (another) pub lunch meal. I was lucky to receive a new camera lens, which definitely got a lot of use!


(My 5 year old sister took this one above – CUTE!)


My evening with my mum, brother and Steve involved pizza. A birthday clearly well spent πŸ˜‰


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