Half Year Goals

I was going to do a monthly goals kind of thing because I’m one of those people who can’t stick to their new year’s resolution. Or I can’t remember them. Or sometimes I just give up on them for a while and come back to it later.

It turns out that I’m not very good at remembering to post monthly goals (oops), so I think half year goals should work instead. I know we’re technically over the half year mark but bear with me on this one!

So my goals for the rest of the year (do we really only have a few months until Christmas?!) are:

Take more photos. Yes ok, I may have said this at the beginning of the year too (I also said I would stop biting my nails but let’s not talk about how that’s turned out) but now I have this fancy new lens and I’m so eager to start using it more. I specifically want to start being a little more creative with my shots, so I guess my main goal is to play around when taking photo’s more. I might also try out a photography challenge too!

Push myself more in the gym. I actually have a nice little routine with the gym now, we’re basically best buddies. I go twice a week with a friend and we spend about half an hour on the weights machines, about 10 minutes on the mat and another 10 minutes trying to motivate ourselves to do one last little thing before we give up and go home. But this cute routine means that my muscles aren’t being pushed and challenged every week (because it’s just going through the motions) so I need to mix things up a little. Maybe try and convince Chloe to do a HIIT class with me (even though I actually hate them and I mentally curse the instructor throughout the entire thing. But no pain, no gain).

Save, save, save. Plan, plan, plan. Steve and I are going to knuckle down with this saving thing and really start stashing some cash away. We have about 6 months until we go travelling which is exciting! But I need to stop buying clothes I don’t need, stop buying food I don’t need (why is it most of my money goes on food and train fares?) and probably stop justifying homeware buys… No, we don’t need any more cushions.

Spend more time with family. Since I moved out of my dad’s, I went from seeing that side of the family 4 times a week to once a week… Sometimes twice, but in little snippets. Life gets busy, I get that, but I think we all just need to start making some more time for each other.

Clear out my wardrobe. I have too many clothes. Well, more than I actually want really. I need to clear out some bits that I don’t wear anymore and try and be a bit more mindful about what actually suits me now and what I actually like wearing. I’m kind of embracing a minimalist style at the moment, so I think I could do it!

Oh and I’m trying to cut down on the sugar but I’m not going to put this as a goal because I already know how well that’s going down… Hand me the chocolate cake.


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