Culver Down, Isle of Wight

On our second day of the Isle of Wight trip (first day found here) we took a little trip to the zoo and to Culver Down cliffs.

Let’s talk about the Zoo for a second though. From the outside the Amazon World Zoo Park looks a lot run down, like a lot. There are two zoo’s on the Isle of Wight and to be honest, neither of them look very appealing from the outside decor. But we took a chance on the one we went to and it actually turned out to be really good! Granted, it’s tiny and the majority of the animals are birds but this would be such a great zoo to bring kids to! Unlike zoo’s like Marwell, you can get really up close and personal with some of these animals.


Can you tell that the lemurs were obviously Steve’s favourites? Although we went  back to the ocelot family about 10 times because they were just so cute!

After cooing over animals we headed off for lunch in Godshill (which is adorable, 100% must visit again!) and then we drove to Culver Down for a walk in the fresh air. Well, I actually spent most of my time jumping in the long grass and the wildflowers more than actual walking! Culver Down used to be a military zone, as you might be able to see… Ah you kids and your graffiti, just can’t leave anything alone can ya?


Thanks Isle of Wight, you were good to us!


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