Choosing My Paths In Life

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Do you ever wonder what your purpose in life is? Or whether you’ll have the chance to leave your mark on this world, however big or small it is? Or maybe you just want a life that makes you feel fulfilled, whether that’s through a career, love, family or friends.

I’m at a weird stage in my life right now where I’m thinking about the future and what I want to achieve in life. Some things are easy to pick out, things like “I’d like to travel to Asia” or “I’d like to become a mum one day” etc, but the one I find the hardest to imagine is what I’d like to do in my career.

To be really honest, I am only 21. There’s eons of time for me to pick a path, follow it and even change the direction  from time to time. But what do you do when you know that you want to achieve something worthwhile? Something that you can look back on and say “Yes, I’m proud of that moment. That moment defined me.” Because really, life is made up of hundreds and thousands of moments. But am I wrong to want them to mean something? To shape who I am?

Maybe it’s wrong for me to look at my barely-started life in this view but that’s how my mind works for me. It challenges me, confuses me and makes me over analyse sometimes. But the days when I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself to define something, I try to think of something that my mum told me:

The best thing to do is to try everything but remember that you don’t have to stay if you don’t like it. Life is all about meeting new people and trying new things. But when you’ve given something your all and you’ve had enough, just make sure you run towards something instead of running away from it.”

I’m a big believer that opportunities happen when you search for it. Life doesn’t hand out freebies to you and sometimes you need to take a risk to go hunting for opportunities yourself. I guess the tricky part is navigating what that opportunity is but as I’ve been reminded, sometimes you just have to try a few things and change your path a few times until it works for you.

Maybe your mark on this world is trying and embracing challenges. Maybe it’s about being the girl who gave it her all, no matter what life threw at her.

I guess I wouldn’t mind being that girl…


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