A Tribute



I can’t believe I’m sat here again this year trying to think of ways to sum up another loved grandparent, who sadly lost her battle to cancer. Life is cruel.

But someone who was never cruel and someone who never let life kick her down was my Nanny Dorothy. She was a strong women who’s main focus in life was her family, and didn’t she let us know it! She was ever so proud of all 9 of her grandchildren and took great pleasure in listening to our stories and laughter.

I’m grateful to have 21 years of memories with my Nan, from taking baths in her sink to climbing high in her apple tree whilst she hovers uncertainly at the bottom. We should’ve had many more years of memories, many more years of gossiping and working our way through the cookie tin in your living room.

There were two of the brightest stars shining next to each other in the sky last night. I don’t think there’s any need for me to point out who they were, for who else would they be?

Love you lots,

Chanie xxx




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