And I Have You Two, Too

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He launches himself at you like a missile as soon as you walk through the door and hugs you like he will never let go, as if you might fall apart without him holding you together. But that could be the best way to describe him. He’s the glue of the family who binds different personalities to each other through himself.

A gentle one, with a soft voice and soulful eyes to match his wallflower spirit. The more sensitive of the two, who gravitates towards younger children so that he can take them under his care-giving wings and teach them to imagine worlds beyond our own. He can be easily underestimated in comparison to his sister but watch out for the glint in his eyes that go hand in hand with the mischievous grin, who pushes limits to the point until he is too careful to push anymore.

His adventure stories and woeful tales are told with so much passion. Passion is what I hope he carries with him always, for such a strength is rare to find. He is a diamond in the rough. One who will carry the weight of the world on his shoulders should he have to, so long as it would help others. He can be easy to worry about but something tells me that he will ease through life seamlessly, in ways that I would forever be jealous of.


Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

That one there? Why, she’s a wild one! Full of untamed spirit, daydreaming eyes and soul searching journeys. She’ll push limits in ways you could never have predicted she would but come out the other side as if wars can’t touch her, so strong is she.

She can be a little spiky in character, but only to begin with. Once you push through you realise that she’s easy to crack, easy to admire and so easy to love. Dramatics are her thing; all she has to do is sing, dance and play her way through life and she’ll succeed, I’m sure of it.

She is the one who looks up to older people and makes believe that she is far older and wiser than her 6 years. She may be the youngest of the two but I believe it is she who will be the protector, the defender and the warrior. She may still have a lifetime of dreams to chase, heartaches to cry of and stories to tell; but she’ll chase all of those tales without any conviction, for so strong is her mind and her ability to be brave.

I have a feeling that she’ll be the one out of the three of us to leave her mark on this world, in ways that I could only aspire to try.


Could be, we three get along so famously,
‘Cause you two have me, and I have You Two, too.


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