Our 4 Month Travelling Plans


In just a few short months (which I already know will fly by very quickly), Steve and I will be heading to Bangkok to start our 4 months travelling trip! I’ve mentioned it before on the blog (or referenced our tight budget!) but I haven’t really gone into detail about what our plan actually is…

We’re not going to plan our exact schedule as I’m more of a “go with the flow” person and we’ve been advised that it’s better to be flexible when it comes to backpacking. That being said though, we’ve actually booked nearly all of our flights! And we’ll aiming to book a couple of Airbnb’s whilst we’re in Bali but for the most part we’ll be staying in hostels or with family/friends. Between the two of us, Steve and I are fortunate to know quite a number of people who live in the places we are visiting!

So, where are we going?


Our trip begins in Thailand, with our first few nights being spent in Bangkok. We’re spending 3 weeks in Thailand but we’re actually planning to base ourselves in Pattaya for the majority of it and then travel down to Phuket for our flight out. Thailand is the one we’re most looking forward to, mostly for the culture shock! I’ve also found out that we’ll be there during their hottest season, so my plan is to buy lightweight clothes whilst we’re there (probably those stereotypical elephant print trousers that all travellers buy. I like a stereotype, me!)


From Phuket we’ll fly into Singapore where we will be spending a week. My auntie and little cousin live here and we’re lucky enough to be able to stay with them (as Singapore is said to be an expensive country to visit!) I’m personally excited to visit the place that my auntie and cousin call their home, and experience why they love it so much.


The only thing that I know about Bali is that it’s a beach paradise, and it will probably be the most relaxing part of our trip. We’ve planned to spend 2 weeks here and at the moment we’re in the process of sorting out a couple of Airbnb’s. I’m most looking forward to travelling around on scooters, enjoy the delicious food and chill out on the many beaches they have to offer.


It sounds like we’re heading from warmth to slightly cold at this point, as we arrive in Brisbane in May (their “winter” season). We’re staying for 2 weeks here but I’m finding it weird that I’m not terribly excited about this part yet. I think it’s because I’m used to seeing Australia on films and TV so it feels strangely familiar to me already, but I’m sure it’ll hit me as soon as I get there! Brisbane looks like such a fun city and both of us are eager to explore it.


Steve originally wanted to road-trip to Sydney from Brisbane but in the end it was easier (and cheaper) to just fly down instead. We’re spending a week in Sydney and Steve has already visited just a few years ago, so it’ll be really fun for him to show me what he remembers and I’m really keen to check out Bondi Beach. I’m hoping we’ll be able to catch up with some friends who are out here too!

New Zealand

From Sydney we’ll hit Queenstown at the bottom of New Zealand’s south island. We’re spending 6 weeks travelling around the north and south islands, ending up in Auckland which is where some of my family live. My parents actually travelled around New Zealand when my mum was pregnant with me so it’ll be really cool to finally visit the places from their stories. We need to spend a bit more time planning this road-trip and noting down main places to visit, but for the most part I’ve been daydreaming about the gorgeous views and picturesque towns. I’ve been warned that it’s cold during June/July when we visit, so we’re going to pick up a couple of souvenir-style jumpers whilst we’re there.


Our final week will be spent in Cairns, a town at the very top of Queensland, Australia! We don’t know very much about Cairns at the moment but I know that Steve wants to explore the Great Barrier Reef up here (I’m not keen at the moment, thanks to a bad experience of contracting an ear infection whilst snorkeling in Gran Canaria last year. We will see though, I’ll never say never!). The plan is to fly back home via Singapore from here but that’s actually the flight that we haven’t booked yet… Most of our families are betting that we won’t come home but my bet is that we’ll be drastically running out of money by this point!

So there we have it, our 4 month travelling trip laid out! It’s actually a little scary seeing it written down like that, haha!

We still have the logistics to plan, things to pack, visas/insurance to buy and vaccinations to book but that’ll all come in due course. I’m currently in a massive debate with myself over whether to take my DSLR camera with me or just rely on a compact… Everyone is telling me that I’ll regret not taking my big camera with me, so I’m leaning towards that at the moment. But if anyone has any backpacking tips to offer, feel free to pass them on! 🙂


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