Thai Sensations in Thaikun

When I was growing up my favourite takeaway choice was always Chinese food – ‘chicken chow mien’ to be exact! As I grew older and explored more food I still always fall back to Chinese for my favourite takeaway (although I swapped the chow mien for Singapore vermicelli noodles).

However, I think Thai food has knocked Chinese food off it’s pedestal for me recently! I’ve been making an effort these days to try more Thai in preparation for when I go to Thailand in March and when Charlotte invited me to try out Thaikun with her, I couldn’t say no!

Inspired by the streets of Bangkok (our first stop in Thailand!), it was the perfect place for me to try something new. But don’t just take my word for it, Charlotte wrote a fantastic review over on her blog (and I might’ve given my opinion in a couple of places too!) Make sure you have a read and find out our thoughts.


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