You’ll Feel Low Sometimes, But That’s Ok!

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I’ve recently been going through a phase where I’d come home from work feeling completely drained. Then the weekend would roll around and I’d wake up expecting to feel refreshed and renewed, but instead I still felt as low as I did the day before.

The thing is there was no obvious reason as to why I felt that way. There must’ve been a psychological reason for why I was in a low mood all of the time but I couldn’t see it! But it was bad enough for the people around me to comment on it.

Maybe it was a combination of a bad week and hormones? Perhaps I was fed up of the same old routine or maybe the New Year has just completely wiped me out? But whatever the reasoning behind it, the thing that made me feel better was acknowledging that I was in a bad mood.

Yes, I was in a bad mood. And that’s completely ok!

In the past I always got over a bad mood by locking myself in my room under the duvet and binge watching a TV series until I got over it. In all honesty, I did a very similar thing last week, until I realised that it wasn’t fair to those around me!

Instead, I allowed myself to feel low for a while and then I worked to get out of it. I did the things that make me feel better like having a bath, reading a book and watching a TV series with Steve. (There also might’ve been some Nutella consumption happening too… Whatever makes you feel better, ‘ey?)

I think it’s important to acknowledge that there are going to be bad days. And there will be times when you don’t feel your best. But its equally important to acknowledge that it’s fine for you to have those days, as long as you don’t let yourself dwell on it too much.

(It’s also completely ok to eat Nutella off the spoon whilst having a bath with your favourite Lush bomb. Just saying!)


2 thoughts on “You’ll Feel Low Sometimes, But That’s Ok!

  1. It is definitely okay to feel low, but society makes us feel like it is something to be ashamed of or that it is our fault for not being able to get ourselves ‘out of it’ within a day or two.

    It is ALWAYS okay to eat Nutella off a spoon. No matter what the time or reason. Also, Lush bath bomb? It is more than okay to have a whole stock of them hiding away in a drawer.

    1. I completely agree, I think we all deserve time to shake off those feelings without feeling ashamed of having them in the first place! And I definitely need to restock my bath bomb collections, hahah! Thank you for the comment x

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