5 Inspiring Travel Instagram Accounts

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I’m really into Travel Instagram accounts at the moment, mostly because they give me wanderlust dreams and little butterfly’s about my own upcoming trip, and I also like to pretend that my own instagram could one day look like theirs. (In reality, my photos are a lot more like: “oh, here’s another grainy photo of my dog. Isn’t that nice?”)

Anyway, if you’re planning a trip of your own and love inspiration or if you just adore eye-catching photos, here are 5 travel Instagrammers you should follow right now:

brookes-instaBrooke Saward / worldwanderlust
I discovered Brooke by reading/devouring her travel blog, which then led me to her Instagram. Brooke has traveled immensely, some of which are part of her job so you might see some sponsored photos. Regardless of this, I always feel itching to jump on a plane and go whenever I see her photos and she always gives the best tips.


emilies-instaEmilie Ristevski / helloemilie
Emilie is one of my absolute favourites! Her soft tones and crystal clear images leave me in awe every time, and I check daily to see if she’s uploaded anything new. Emilie also very rarely shows her face in her images, preferring for her audience to focus on the striking landscapes she visits. Her life (or at least her photos) has such a fairytale aesthetic!


matts-instaMatthew Hahnel /matthewhahnel
This guy ALWAYS seems to be travelling and being a photographer, of course, means that he posts the most detailed photos. His starry sky photos are just breathtaking! Matt clearly visits a variety of places, so his photographs range from beach, lakes to mountains. Can this be my life now, please?


lees-instaLeo Thomas / theolator
German based Leo post the most extraordinary landscapes in the best moody tones. If you’re a fan of crisp images with dark undertones, this is the one for you. Expect lots of amazing mountain shots, crystal clear waters and dramatic clouds! His feed looks a lot like something out of the Brothers Grimms, no?


courtneys-instaCourtney Adamo / courtneyadamo
Courtney and her husband lived in London for 12 years with their 4 kids, before deciding to take a family gap year to go travelling with their crew. Although her Instagram is more family focused it features everything from beach shots to road-trips; with fun, smiles and laughter radiating from every shot. The Adamo’s have now decided to put down roots in Byron Bay, Australia – so expect more tanned limbs and surfing shots to appear! (P.S. Courtney’s blog is also a very interesting read, especially if you’re dreaming of taking your own family travelling.


There you have it, my favourite Instagrams to stalk at the moment. I don’t know about you guys but I’m definitely feeling inspired to pack up my life and head around the world.


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