Krabi: Seaside Paradise for Westerners


The roads of Krabi resembled more of a river than a road when we arrived on a dreary afternoon. Heavy rain lashed down in anger, almost pelting your skin as soon as it hits you and thrums against the road like the sound of a hummingbird. We huddled together in our tuk tuk style taxi, thinking back to how brightly the sun shone just hours before when we set off from the pier of Surat Thani.

Our journey from Phetchaburi took us to two stopovers near the piers and train stations of Chumphon and Surat Thani, both of which were very different from the touristy town we find ourselves in now. The journey to Krabi was on a coach mixed of locals and backpackers, plus one motorbike which took up two precious seat spaces near the back and caused those unlucky enough to make it onto the coach last to stand for most of the journey. (In case you’re wondering, Steve and I had nabbed the seats behind the motorbike.)


We had grown used to locals who could barely speak a word of English, although now we find ourselves listening to variations of accented but perfectly well spoken English. It seems that Krabi’s well known beaches draws in the Westerners looking for a relaxing break and travellers hoping to develop a tan before setting off on their next adventures. Steve and I both admit to being the latter.

You might imagine that after a week and a half of acting like mimes to communicate with Thai locals, we would revel in being around well spoken English again. Our feelings were actually the opposite, for we enjoyed experiencing Thailand in its untouched and natural state. We quickly realised that we were having another new experience and by the end of the trip we had embraced the town that feels so different from where we have just came from.


The town of Krabi reminded me of Cornwall, with rows after rows of touristy shops filled of colourful clothing and home decor. I spent many an afternoon exploring the shops that were almost identical to its neighbours, because haggling is more fun when you can try out your skills again and again. Steve in particular is very good at haggling!

Whilst in Krabi we took the opportunity to visit one of the many surrounding islands. We chose Poda Island because of the beautiful white sand in the promotional photo. It didn’t disappoint, as soon as we stepped off of the longtail boat we were surrounded by sand the same colour as seashells. But of course, beauty often comes with a price. The gorgeous sand was very hard to walk on so every step felt like you were stepping on something sharp. We explored much of the tiny island as we could, but our feet certainly didn’t thank us for it!

Although we had a rainy start in Krabi, we enjoyed the few days that we spent there and we were sad to leave. However, our next stop is the popular Phuket, where I’m sure more stories and tales awaits us!



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