About Me


My mum once confessed to me that she chose my name because when she says it, she could imagine me as a lawyer. And although I considered it for a while, I quickly realised that a lawyer’s role wasn’t the one for me. But from that moment on, I fancied the idea of my putting my name to something; to make it belong somewhere. Because let’s be honest, I owe it to my name to make it something if it’s not going to belong to a lawyer!

So, who am I? In my current job I work as a Web Administrator in the CUTEST shop in Winchester, and I normally spend my spare time practicing yoga, scouring local bookstores for something new to read and spending lots of time being with the people that I love. You’ll also most likely to find me exploring new cities with a camera in hand!

Oh, and some days I’ll go to the gym and drink green juices, and other days I’ll probably eat a whole box of doughnuts by myself. But it’s for all of these reasons that I feel that my life is going in the right (and slightly doughnut shaped) direction!

To answer the most popular question: yes, my name comes from Friends. I’ve learnt to embrace it!

Want to get in contact? Email: chandlerdivers@hotmail.com!

Thanks for reading
Chandler x


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