2017… I’ve been waiting for you!

Resolutions: Stop biting my nails (again!), figure out my personal style, buy more from independent stores rather than retail, learn to drive (properly), travel with an open mind, allow plans to change.  Most of all: embrace everything. Embrace all opportunities, embrace that things don’t always go to plan, embrace that some plans will scare you … More 2017… I’ve been waiting for you!

A Kid No More

Long gone is my little brother who followed me around like a puppy in the back garden, desperate to join in on any make believe play. Long gone is the kid with the crooked teeth smile, the messy blonde hair and the tangle of limbs that tried to copy mine doing flips on the trampoline. The … More A Kid No More

A Tribute

I can’t believe I’m sat here again this year trying to think of ways to sum up another loved grandparent, who sadly lost her battle to cancer. Life is cruel. But someone who was never cruel and someone who never let life kick her down was my Nanny Dorothy. She was a strong women who’s … More A Tribute

Bangarang Kids

One Saturday morning, Steve and I were asked to look after my brother and sister for a few hours. Luckily October gave us a fairly warm and dry day, so we decided to head into the woods down the road to burn off some energy. Oh and if you don’t know where “Bangarang” comes from, … More Bangarang Kids